3 Things About the Military That You Believe But Are Not True

If your upbringing has been away from the military world, and hopefully free from the impact of war, then chances are your concept regarding military and the service men arise from the Hollywood movies. What you see in the movies can be very glossy and sometimes an unreal version of what actually takes place at the war front and at the base camps. No wonder you have a skewed idea about what military life actually means. Here we will reveal the 3 common things that people believe about military but are not true.

  1. Boot Camp Means Metal Skull Drawn Jackets and Killing the Enemies

Well, this is the biggest misconception of all. Common people usually believe that boot camp means the core of military life which involves killing the enemies, exploiting your full potential and achieving what you want. But the truth about boot camps is actually uniform inspections and the military people are never allowed to draw skulls on their uniforms. Regardless of the branch you join, the first two weeks of boot camp will involve learning how to wear the military uniform, how to iron it and fold it.

The uniform is an important part of military life and it carries your honors and medals that need to be placed at just the right positions or else as they say this may cause loss of morale. Ruffled lapels and un-ironed uniforms are absolute no-no.

  1. It’s Not Just War but Other Life Saving Tasks Too

On screen you see the uniform clad actor hop into the aircraft and take off to fight the enemies, but what never makes into the movies is the enormous amount of work that is behind the maintenance of those giant machines. Yes, the maintenance of the machines and every part that goes into that machine needs cleaning and inspection. That is also a part of the job in military life. Each piece of the equipment needs to be taken care of. Other tasks include fixing computers, air conditioners, driving trucks, cooking meals and so on.

  1. Army Men are Ticking Time Bombs

This might look good in the movies where the hero burns out an entire city due to his rage and he is still justified in doing so because he has his own ‘reasons’. But not in real life! Military men and woman are as normal as you and me. They also have a loving family waiting for them to come back home.  They are not prone to suicides and the chances of such unfortunate incidents are as common as with any other loving couple, grandmother or college guy.

However, post traumatic stress disorders are not unreal. It is a serious mental illness and the common symptoms are depression, memory problems, and disturbed sleep. It should not be misinterpreted as violent rampages towards the harsh and uncaring system that created the individual.

Such mental disorders can be treated with love and care from family and friends. After retirement, military people get back to the life they had left a long time ago and what they seek is complete acceptance of the way they are. If you know someone who had been or is in the military currently, express your admiration and respect for them by gifting shields and plaques that will boost their morale and make them feel honored!