Military Plaques

The Good and Bad of Military Life

People choose military life because they simply want to; they have the inbuilt desire to serve the country and its people. In the movies we often see either a very glossy picture or the gross side of military life. However, the truth has two sides – the good and the bad. Service men and women have to stay away from family and they sacrifice a large part of their happiness to ensure that the country stays safe, yet the honor and respect they receive for their services is extraordinary.

The Good Side

If you know a veteran, then you may have seen military plaques and shadow boxes displayed in his or her home. The plaques and shields are testimony to their achievements and laurels. It tells tales of the people they have been with and the various missions that they have been part of. The kind of history and stories the service men carry after their retirement is a real achievement in itself!

Being a military family is not an easy thing, but again it is what you make of it. In times of economic instability, military jobs provide a lot of security and the government tries to make it easier for the families.

If you are a military wife and love travelling then you are definitely with the perfect life partner. You will get to live in different countries and see more of the world. It makes you more outgoing and independent as you learn to break your shell and make new friends.

The army bases have a lot to offer starting from easy access to the grocery stores to special social network and support system for the spouses and families of service men. It gives you the opportunity to meet wives and girlfriends of other army men and make friendship with them. It helps a lot emotionally because you know that you are all in the same boat.

The Bad Side

Ask any member of a military family and they will tell you that deployments are the worst part and the reasons are pretty obvious. But again, it is the way you take them. Moves are bad when you have kids and they have to change schools and friends, but it also provides new experiences.

Being a military wife with kids to take care of can get difficult because the other half is away and cannot be called at all times when needed. The key is to make the most of the together times and build a strong family bond that will help survive through the times when the loved one is away.

Despite the various challenges that service men and their family members face during the period of duty, all these issues get dissolved when the military men receive the accolades and rewards for their bravery and determination. When military plaques, shadow boxes and shields adorn the living area of a military family, everything else is forgotten – all that is remembered is the honor, the determination and the zeal to serve!