Military Shadow Boxes

7 Things That Can Be Displayed In Military Shadow Boxes

Military and Army men deserve honor and recognition for their unrelenting determination, zeal, bravery and courage. What better way to pay tribute to their services than gifting them military shadow boxes. These are framed boxes having a glass front used for displaying various items associated with the military. They are ideal gift items for any service men regardless of the branch they belong to.

Why Are They Called Shadow Boxes?

The shadow boxes are called so because they are designed in a manner to allow the light pass through only one side, and this helps keep the items inside safe from any damage caused by too much light or other damaging elements. They are often given as retirement gifts to those who have served the army. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors, and you can also choose the theme based on your preferences.

What’s the Main Motive Behind These Boxes?

The main objective is to preserve the memories from the service life and also commemorate the various accomplishments and achievements they have received during the tenure. The military shadow boxes can also be created at home in order to preserve the important keepsakes and mementos. Some of the top 7 things that you can keep in these boxes are as follows:

  1. Insignia: The symbol, logo or insignia is the first and foremost thing that is included in the shadow boxes, and without which it would be incomplete.
  2. Medals: We all know that medals are like the lifeblood of military men and they take great pride in displaying their medals to guests. There are many stories associated with the medals – after all they are testimony to the achievements and laurels that the military personnel have received in their duty. The medals are usually arranged in a vertical row inside the boxes.
  3. Ribbons and Rank Coins: If you belong to a military family or know someone who is in the military then you would know for sure how important the ribbons and rank coins are. They are again symbols of accomplishments, promotions and ranks hence they should be preserved at all costs. These boxes are the best way to display the rank pins, ribbons and coins. Sometimes the uniform containing the ribbons, pins and coins are kept on display in these boxes.
  4. Military Badges: The badges are an important part of military life and they remind service men of the bygone days and always keep the memories alive. They are well preserved from damages being kept in shadow boxes. The boxes can be used to display the last badge received by the soldier and also the other badges received during his tenure such as the medical field badge, parachute badge, bayonet badge, rifle badge, and combat inf. badge.
  5. Photographs from Service Days: Important and significant photographs from a specific mission or the moment when the soldier was awarded or honored, retirement, promotion, and pictures of best friends can also be preserved by keeping them in the shadow boxes.
  6. Flags: National or military flags can also be used as display in the shadow boxes. If the burial flag is included, then according to the custom it should be folded in a triangular shape and preserved.
  7. Special Considerations: The certificates, letter of commendation, newspaper cuttings related to achievements, diplomas, overseas postcards, and many such things can also be kept in the boxes.